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20th Anniversary

in the beginning..

20th anniversary 

Eden's first single release turns 20 this year

2018 re-master released April 27th

Eden announces the 20th-anniversary re-release of ‘Only lovers do’ on April 27th. The track has been remastered by Peter Rainman AKA People Theatre.

The single was originally released under the name ‘In Utopia’ in 1998 on Warner Brothers and was produced by U96/Boytronic duo Hayo Lewerentz and Ingo Hauss.

Eden will continue to celebrate their 20th anniversary with re-releases of their three albums.Each album will be released as an "expanded edition" that will include unheard songs, demos and remixes.There will also be a new compilation album 'EDEN-THE SINGLES 1998-2018' which will include new songs


Our first ever tv performance- RTE Kenny Live

We don't remember much about this bar mark telling the makeup girl he really didn't like Gay Byrne, the host of the late late show. Unfortunately, the makeup girl was his daughter!

The video...

Took two days to shoot on a budget of zero! the performance parts of this video are pure cringe!

I think we spent most of the shoot bickering with each other and the manager and when it was over we all went for some bad food in a hotel near the airport. Classy


on recording the single...

I remember walking into the Matiz studio in Hamburg and seeing what seemed like every synth ever made spread across two rooms. It was us, our manager at the time, Hayo Lewerentz, Ingo Hauss and Helnut Hoinkis  (U96) in the room. We played some of our songs, as the angel sleeps, this man has let his guard down, le feux d’lamour among them. Then they played us “the single” they had been working on. The guys were great, trying to be polite as they were under instructions from Warner to write for us at the time. We were just as polite as we looked at each other in some disbelief. We went back to the hotel later and re wrote the lyrics. I thought about how to get less game boy sounds in there as the PPG wave synth was all over the track, still is!  Started recording the next day, mark came up with the idea of a choir in the middle of the track. I joined in the production side as we went along.
For the b-side Can you remember? I remember literally everybody leaving the studio to us and we knocked it out in a few hours. It was a new track we hadn’t recorded yet and was Marks idea to use for the b-side. A week later we played the two tracks at some festival in Hamburg on the lake for some Warner Brother people and we signed a deal soon after. The guy who signed us Marco got promoted right after signing us and vanished and got handed over to an A&R guy didn’t like synthpop at all and wanted club music. So that was that. Also explains the club mixes and vinyl prints of the second single Like a prayer.
Que the obligatory split with label and manger before moving to Universal.


Yes the video is awful and I just realised now Warner didn't contribute to that at all! It charted in Ireland too somewhere in the Top 40.



1998 ! We have been going as long as Britney Spears. Myself and Ian’s union happened slap bang in the middle of boyband and Spice Girl, era our music fits better twenty years later than it did then . To many, that synth era was closed but we didn’t care.The moment we met we both had a clear idea where we wanted to go music wise. Germany was about to unravel that as we arrived at a big studio desk which felt like twice the size of Ian’s recording room above his parent's florists where we had recorded our demos.Our demos were the reason we were signed. Well-crafted electro-pop songs, good production ideas and a strong vocal. When we arrived we were played a track which was to become our first single, it was like popping a balloon! Warner’s had not listened. It wasn’t that we hated the song, I think we felt we were being looked at as two young novices. We quietly changed the lyrics and I arrived at the studio to record vocals I asked could I do a choir? Hayo and Ingo looked at me in shock as I sang all the choir harmonies from high to low.We then worked on the b side written by ourselves and it was a ballad and they all loved it. Secretly we felt it should have been a single but we were just excited that we had our own cd with our names on. We were disappointed when the single was released as we had very little promotion and then came the second single, the record company wanted a cover version ....

2018 Eden- Ian Henderson & Mark Power

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