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Expanded Edition

Release 01 June 2018

1.   My World

2.  Running on empty

3.  I started a joke

4.  Let it flow

5.  You will never know

6.  For you I live

7.   Take a little time

8   High above skies

9.  Do you believe in love?

10. As the angel sleeps

11.  Baby come back

12. Someone to love

13.Cold February

14. Haven

15. For you

16. Haunted heart

17.  Evolution

18. Close to you

19. Let it flow (Cube Mix)

20.Take a little time (Demo)

21. Do you believe in love (Demo)

22. Baby come back (Demo)

23. Let it flow (Demo)

24. Wherever you may go (Demo)

25. Do you believe in love (Marc Robotham mix)

26. Haven (Demo)

27. I started a joke (Midnight Mix)

28. My world (Demo) 


From Synth-pop to Pop/Rock in one foul swoop! How Desolate shores came to be

We began writing for desolate shores in 1998, during the In Utopia period. Cold February, Haven, Someone to love are among some of the first songs we ever wrote. This album is the definition of the phrase “too many chefs’s in the kitchen”


It began as a synth-pop album that gave us Perfect world, which didn’t make the album, Let it flow, believe in love and a lot of the tracks on the expanded edition that were also cut from the album.

Then Polydor got involved and wanted a more Irish sound, more acoustic. This baffled us as Let it flow had just done so well and was listener voted song of the year.


The rest of the album recording session was a mish-mash of musicians coming into the studio in Boogiepark and replacing synth parts with guitars, live bass and live drums. We wrote some middle of the road pop songs to fit into the framework we were now working under Polydor. My world, running on Empty, In your eyes and you will never know are clear examples of this.


Creatively this was a great time, we started writing songs outside of the synthpop genre we had been so used to. The first song written for this album was “Haven” back in 1998. It would be 3 labels later and 2005 before it actually gets released and wildly different to how we planned it. It is a muddled album, fractured with too many inconsistencies. That being said, We love it again. After many years of feeling like it was a friend we fell out with, it’s good to catch up.

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