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  • 1.a descriptive catalog of musical recordings, particularly those of a particular performer or composer.

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Only Lovers Do-1998 (Warner Brothers Music)

Like a Prayer-1999-(Warner Brothers Music)

Perfect World-2001 (Universal Music)

Let it Flow- 2002  (Universal Music)

In Your Eyes-2002  (Universal Music)

You Will Never Know-2003  (Universal Music)

My World-2004 (Major Records)

Desolate shores-2005 (Major Records)

Electric-2010 (Major Records)

If I Was A Pet Shop Boy-2010 (Major Records)

Subhuman-2010 (Major Records)

Electric!   (Single)-2011(Major Records)

Murder On The Mind-2011(Major Records)

Don't Wanna Lose You-2016 (Triggertrax Records)

Outbound to Wonderland-2016 (Triggertrax Records)

Outbound to Wonderland EP-2017 (Triggertrax Records)

A heart Keeps Beating-2017 (Triggertrax Records)

Good as Gold EP-2017 (Triggertrax Records)

Only Lovers do (20th Re-release)-2018 (Eden Music)

The Singles 1998-2018-2018 (Eden Music)

Living Room-2020 (Eden Music)

Between the Lines-2021 (Eden Music)

2018 Eden- Ian Henderson & Mark Power

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