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Eden Release New Single

Between the lines

Feb 26th 2021

While stuck in lockdown in two different counties, Eden have written a brand new album ! But the only problem is the vocals need to be recorded so until then Ian and Mark have decided to release a song intended for album 4 !

Between the lines was recorded in 2019 but the guys felt although it doesn’t fit the style of the new album it should be released nonetheless 

Between the lines is a gentle 60s style moody piece over a lush synth production showing Marks vocal range from bass to tenor and Ian’s gentler touch

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Pop over to gcn.ieto read an interview we recently gave on 20 years in pop!


Eden will release their new album 'EDEN-THE SINGLES 1998-2018' in October 2018

featuring all the singles over a 20-year career along with 4 new songs.


Featuring mixes by Gareth Jones, U96, Mark Oh, People Theatre, Milan, embrace the crisis, Danger Nova & more...

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